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Mostra collettiva 5 luglio - Aperitivo con l'artista

A combination of art and wine, such as in the Montmartre during La Belle Époque.


Vizzolo Predabissi (MI). On Thursday, July 5 th, Enésya Art Gallery offers an interesting artistic aperitif featuring selected works including paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs.

A combination of art and wine to revisit the idea of some ​​atmospheres, historically favorable to the growth of creativity and culture, such as in the Montmartre during the Belle Époque or in the Brera district of the 60s.

Art ideally out of an aseptic and commercial context but instead as an element of real social interchange, in close contact with the pulsating life as in the café parisiens where art, politics, current affairs and literary currents were discussed drinking a glass of Pinot Noir.

The works on display were realized by:

Marco Antonacci, Alessandro Baglioni, Marija Donkovic, Duilio Forte, Lucio Forte, Andrea Gangi, Laura Lapini, Roberto Morreale, Flavia Pera, Silvia Rago, Anna Maria Scatigna, Emmanuela Zavattaro, Maddalena Zotti and Alessandro Zenone.

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