Ultra HD Print
Alluminio Dibond® (3 mm)
Photo printing + acrylic (2 mm) + Dibond®
Printing on canvas (2 cm)


Profile 25 mm

Match with:

• True photographic print + acrylic glass (2mm) + Dibond

• Dibond aluminium (3mm)

Profile 31 mm

Match with:

• True photographic print + acrylic glass (2mm) + Dibond

• Dibond aluminium (3mm)

• Printing on canvas (2 cm)

Profile 35 mm

Match with:

• True photographic print + acrylic glass (2mm) + Dibond

• Dibond aluminium (3mm)

• Printing on canvas (2 cm)


Dibond aluminum

This support is really special because it combines an aluminum surface with a polyethylene heart resting on a further Dibond® aluminum rear base. Aluminum is a material characterized by extreme ductility and malleability. Polyethylene, on the other hand, is known for its robustness. You will therefore have a strong and modern print characterized by a riot of colors and shades, which will stand out for any slight movement of light.

In short, the properties that make this type of support exceptional are:

• Extremely light weight • 3 mm thickness • Robustness • Anti-reflective opaque surface • Shades and light effects in clear areas • Modern style


The Aluminum Dibond® is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It does not fear humidity and is suitable for both domestic and commercial environments. Definitely recommended for those who want to customize all their places, from the living room to the office, from the study to the corridor, from the waiting room to the bathroom in order to escape, even for a moment, from everyday life or the greyness of a bad day


Maximum dimensions: 160x90 cm

Authentic photo printing + acrylic glass + Dibond®

This is our flagship, a support through which you can exhibit your prints as in the best art galleries. This product, thanks to its thickness of 2mm, allows any image to achieve an exceptional depth effect and impressive expressiveness so as to attract everyone's attention, from the professional observer to the most inexperienced. The chosen work is printed on photographic paper, laid on an aluminum Dibond® base and sealed by an acrylic glass, using an elastic silicone, an ideal material to perfectly adhere the image to the glass without the unsightly effects that would have a simple glue, thus avoiding the creation of annoying bubbles or yellowing. The colors are particularly bright and incredibly protected by acrylic glass, known for its extraordinary unbreakability. It is a support created to last over time and to enhance the delicacy of colors and image details

You can choose between the glossy variant and the opaque variant according to your preferences.
Peculiarities of the print behind acrylic glass:

  • Lightness
  • 2 mm acrylic glass thickness
  • Extreme resistance and unbreakability
  • Brilliance of colors
  • Depth of images
  • "Art gallery" effect
  •  Impression on Fuji Crystal DP II photo paper

This exceptional support is perfect for any type of environment, both indoors and outdoors, and is suitable for those who want to make the most of a work and make any place more elegant and classy, ​​as if it were a real art gallery .

Minimum dimensions: 10 x 10 cm. Maximum dimensions: 160 x 90 cm

Printing on canvas

Print on canvas with a matte surface, a lively effect and a soft touch. The structure of the canvas highlights the natural charm of your subject.

  • Classic linen structure with a soft and natural effect
  • Matt surface

Our canvas with a matt surface amazes with its definition and fullness of colors. Thanks to the printing process with latex inks, the artworks printed on canvas preserve the color, its fabric is waterproof and indelible.

  • Wide range of colors - saturated colors and defined thanks to the letex print
  • Opaque effect - thanks to multi-layer printing
  • Precise finish - high resolution and refined gradations down to the smallest detail

The canvas is mounted on a wooden frame. The reinforced corners protect against any deformation and it is not necessary to stretch the canvas any further. The frame is made of spruce wood from eco-sustainable plantations.

Minimum dimensions: 30 x 30 cm. Maximum dimensions: 160 x 90 cm

Massima ricchezza di dettagli e contorni precisi con le stampe fotografiche ultraHD

Chi è alla ricerca del massimo realismo nella fotografia, non può fare a meno della stampa fotografica ultraHD WhiteWall.

Stampe fotografiche ultraHD

Caratteritica: evitano la retinatura e i puntini di colore non sono riconoscibili come tali se ci si avvicina. Per le stampe fotografiche ultraHD si è perfezionato il processo di esposizione in uso ottenendo una perfezione finora mai raggiunta. Il processo all’avanguardia viene supportato dall’impiego della collaudata carta fotografica Fuji Crystal DP II con superficie ad elevata brillantezza. La carta ultra brillante si adatta al meglio agli ingrandimenti digitali e convince grazie alla sua elevata qualità dell’immagine.

Con la nuova carta fotografica - la carta Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima - riusciamo a lavorare in modo ancora più accurato.

I vantaggi unici della resa d'immagine ottimizzata per la tua foto:

  • Profondità del nero con dettagli più fini per una densità massima di oltre il 10% in più

  • Colori più brillanti e saturi con il 21% più del volume della gamma colori

  • Colori brillanti più a lungo, grazie ad una significativamente incrementata stabilità alla luce


You will be able to personalize your print to display it in the best way wherever you want, choosing the frame that will satisfy your personal taste and your artistic needs.

Enésya offers you:

EBox in aluminium

Thanks to the modern and sober shapes of the aluminum Ebox and the 4 mm of space between the image and the frame, your print will seem suspended. Suitable for any work, it enhances the modern subjects, those with an architectural or technical theme, digital or graphic works, thanks to its perfectly defined lines. It is the perfect solution for those who love design. We offer you two colors: silver, for a minimalist and modern style, or black, for an elegant and chic style.

Profile 25mm

EBox Shade

Choose a frame with a shadow effect! The shadow effect is due to a space of 7 mm between the print and the inner edge of the solid wood frame. The work, in this way, will seem to float inside the frame itself and, consequently, will acquire a three-dimensional effect. A frame suitable for all our supports: Forex, Dibond aluminum and acrylic glass. Our EBox Ombra is available with a thickness of 31 mm and recalls: you can choose between various types of wood and color variations: brown alder, black oak, white maple, natural oak.

Profile 31mm

EBox in solid wood

Our solid wood Ebox is a fairly thick frame, with its 35 mm thickness, but maintains an exceptional sobriety; in fact, seen from the front, it is surprising for its simplicity, while, laterally, it gives importance and character to the whole structure. Your print remains enclosed in an extremely resistant frame: the corners, in fact, are reinforced with a triple layer of metal. Available in four colors: white, black, natural or dark brown. It is an elegant and decisive choice, a fantastic mix between classic and modern.


Profile 35mm


Assembly systems for your print

Together with your print you will always receive an integrated mounting system: very simple to use in order to allow you to display your print, depending on the format you have chosen, without any stability problem.


Certified shipping for your print

Each print is packaged and protected by a strong casing to allow a safe shipment and to preserve the quality of our supports until delivery.



Clear acrylic glass like crystal

The glossy acrylic glass enhances the brightness and clarity of the colors and gives the image a remarkable effect of depth. The opaque acrylic glass, on the other hand, thanks to its anti-reflective properties, softens the colors and reduces the depth effect.