Noi siamo Enésya!

We are Enésya!

Enésya is the story of a life, born not by chance, but with time, in everyday life!

In my room to paint emotions, one brush after another ... et voila! Here are my works, ready to hang. In 2015 I sold my first works and I did it online, gaining enough money to refinance my art, my passion!
I participated in several exhibitions, talking with different artists, and I realized that everything made little sense: artists who didn’t sell, exaggerated costs of participation in exhibitions, limited flow of customers. So I encouraged my artist friends to sign up on some online channels, to sell their works. It had worked for me! And it did for them, too!

My motto is: "Do not wait for them to call you, but do something, invest in your art, if you do not believe in it, why should art galleries or collectors do? Get noticed !! "

More and more often I see on the walls of the homes of friends and relatives standardized prints at low cost and of unknown origin bought in shopping centers or on those non-specialized resale sites. In 2016 I decided to do some research and I discovered that there were high quality supports that could help me sell more copies of the same original work at a lower price.

In 2017, in March- only in one month-, I sold 20 prints of different sizes and 6 original works and Enèsya did not exist yet!

On you will never find ordinary print, but the print of a real artist, a real work of art.